About Me

Hannah spent most of her childhood reading books, climbing trees and exploring the mountains of Idaho.  She often fell asleep to her father telling her stories he’d adapted from his favorite novels; books like The Hobbit, The Three Musketeers and The Princess Bride.

In high school she interned at Zoo Boise where she fell in love with the animals and their stories, and thus decided to enroll at the University of Idaho as a Wildlife Biology major. Three years into the degree, edit-55with only 4 credits left, she realized she’d financed her entire college education with money she’d made from writing competitions. Instead of returning to the UI, that summer she married her high school sweetheart and the pair spent 5 weeks backpacking through Europe before they moved to Madison, Wisconsin. Her husband began graduate school, and Hannah began to write a novel about a young woman also separated from her family. In 2015, Hannah was accepted at the University of Wisconsin as an English major and she began to upload her novel to Wattpad. She named it The Last She.

Within five months of joining Wattpad, The Last She was ranked third on Wattpad’s Science Fiction Hot List with 45 K reads. In nine months it had 400K reads and came to dominate the Science Fiction Genre, most often ranked number one on the Science Fiction Hot List. In 2016 it was one of the Top Ten Most Read Books on Wattpad, read for a combined 6,205,371 minutes, and won in both The Watty’s and The Fiction Awards. In 2017, it was the most read science-fiction novel on Wattpad.

In addition to writing The Last She, in 2017 Hannah was contracted by General Electric to write the Sci-Fi short story, The Silver Falcon, available to read on GE’s Wattpad Profile. In the summer of 2018 Hannah wrote a chapter in The Writers Guide to Wattpad, published by Writers Digest.

In 2018, Hannah partnered with National Geographic, and wrote the short story, Welcome to Trash City, for the #planetorplastic campaign. She also partnered with Gust, an interactive video chat stories app, to write the interactive short story, The Christmas Jewel. In addition to The Last She series, Hannah also has several short stories and a YA fantasy novel, Rell and the Rose, available to read for free on Wattpad.com.

 In 2020 she finished The Last She series on Wattpad Paid Stories, and Sony Pictures optioned the Television rights to The Last She series.  Coming Winter 2021, her debut novel The Last She will be published by Wattpad Books.

Hannah has two little girls of her own, and can’t wait for the day they want to read her stories. Becoming a mother has only added to her passion (and not to mention material) for writing. She considers finishing a book without her house burning down a stirring success.

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